Pregnancy Reflexology


Reflexology during pregnancy can really help with treating some of the minor disorders that can occur. It is a very safe treatment and a wonderful tool during pregnancy and labour. It is important to note that reflexology cannot do any harm and certainly cannot bring on labour – I had treatments twice a week on my second pregnancy and I still had to be induced despite my best efforts!!

Benefits of reflexology during pregnancy include:


  • Reduced morning sickness, all day sickness that persists past first trimester.
  • May help relieve heartburn, indigestion, constipation, lower back pain and symphysis pubis diastasis.
  • Prepares body for labour by balancing the body systems, in particular the endocrine system, which is in charge of the labour process.
  • The length of labour may be reduced by having regular reflexology treatments in the weeks prior to due date.

Relaxation during what can be an anxious time is the biggest benefit, and most pregnant women love to have their feet massaged! Myself and Laura have attended specific ante-natal reflexology training and would be delighted to look after you. As with all treatments there are some contra indications so please give us a call and we can make sure that you are suitable for treatment and get you booked in.


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