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Oil Cleansers Review

Despite being reasonably “hippyish”, I have always used “conventional” skincare products. I am very happy ingredient wise with the products we use in the salon. Recently I have had rather stubborn blackheads around my nose, to be honest they were driving me bonkers. So when oil cleansing popped up during conversations this month around DIY versus professional treatments, I thought I’d give it a go.

I googled my topic and sure enough lots of my favourite bloggers had articles on oil cleansing…it seemed it was going to be a game changer!!!

Delighted that I would be able to use the olive oil that I already head in the press for my salads, I only had to purchase some castor oil. Now every site warned that there may be some purging and that my skin may be worse before it got better so I was prepared for that. I mixed 1/4 castor oil with 3/4 olive oil and went for it! Initially I was very impressed, my skin felt good and looked good, but then it got really really dry. Further googling suggested that I was using way too much castor oil which is an astringent and that I should probably add some avocado oil for essential fatty acids. So I made another blend with 10% castor oil with the further 90% made up of olive and avocado oil. It was still too drying so I moved to just avocado oil, this was better but I still wasn’t happy.

Interestingly, at exactly this point an ad popped up on my newsfeed about Kinvara Oil Cleanser, I looked up the ingredients and figured it would cost me a small fortune to replicate it so I duly purchased said oil cleanser. I am currently using it and finding it lovely, I still have dryness but its getting better.

I think going forward I will go back to my trusty YonKa and Image Skincare cleansers and will use the oil cleanser as a treatment a couple of times a week. I suppose it’s like most things, there is no one size fits all and you have to dabble a bit to find out what works for you!


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